Applications : Asymmetric synthesis; as a variant to Asymmetric Isomerization of Allylamines (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., 1985, 24, 217); Asymmetric Hydrogenation of a-(Acylamino)acrylic Acids (J. Am. Chem. SOC., 1980, 102, 7932)

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Products Features

  • Chemical Name : [Rh((S)-T-BINAP)2]BF4
  • Molecular Formula : C96H80BF4P4Rh


  • 1 gm, 10 gm & 50 gm in Glass Bottles, Bigger packaging available on request.

Price and Availability

Quantity Availability *Price (INR)
1 gm As per Order On Request
10 gm As per Order On Request
50 gm As per Order On Request
1 kg 4-5 Weeks On Request
25 kg 8-10 Weeks (Negotiable) On Request


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