Tris(triphenylphosphine) rhodium(I) carbonyl hydride

Categories : Rhodium (Rh) Catalysts, Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis, Chemical Synthesis, Catalysts, Catalysis.

Applications : Tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I) carbonyl hydride has been used as a catalyst for carbonylation, hydroformylation, hydrogenation, isomerization, hydrosilylation of alkenes, thioformylation, C-C and C-H bond activation reactions. It has also been used as a catalyst for the conjugate addition of activated Michael donors, domino hydroformylation/Knoevenagel/hydrogenation reactions.

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Products Features

  • Chemical Name : Tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I) carbonyl hydride
  • Synonyms : Carbonyltris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I) hydride, Hydridocarbonyl-tris(triphenylphosphine)-rhodium(I), RhH(CO)(PPh3)3, Rhodium monocarbonyl hydrogen tris(triphenylphosphine), Rhodium(I) tris(triphenylphosphine) carbonyl hydride, Tris(triphenylphosphine)carbonylrhodium hydride, trans-Carbonyl(hydrido)tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium
  • CAS Number : 17185-29-4
  • Molecular Formula : [(C6H5)3P]3Rh(CO)H
  • Molecular Weight : 918.78
  • EC Number : 241-230-3
  • MDL Number : MFCD00151644


  • Melting Point : 150
  • Purity : 98%
  • Appearance : Solid
  • Color : Dark Yellow


  • 1 gm, 10 gm & 50 gm in Glass Bottles, Bigger packaging available on request.

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