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What we Offer

As mentioned in our mission statement, helping our customers in their quest to develop new products, increase efficiency, and improve productivity is very important to Synthesis with Catalysts Pvt. Ltd. Our team of scientists has significant experience in product process and technology development. We can partner with our customers and help them effectively overcome any problems that may arise in their endeavours. We maintain high levels of laboratory safety and follow strict quality control guidelines. We believe in frank and open communication and will engage with our partners at all stages during the project.

Research and Development Projects

Our team of researchers is continuously working on the development of new products/processes or trying to further improve the existing products or processes. The R&D labs at Synthesis with Catalysts Pvt Ltd are well equipped, and we have several in house analytical instruments that help us characterizing catalysts, identifying products formed, and in quality control. We can take up small R&D projects for our customers to help them develop new products or processes or bring about improvements in their existing products/processes.

Custom Synthesis

We have a new and well-equipped R&D Centre. However, we do not carry a lot of inventory. We request you to contact us if you have a requirement of any catalyst, complex or ligand that is not listed in our catalogue. Our team of experts is eager to partner with our customers and provide them the required support. We are committed to supplying high-quality products, at extremely competitive prices, in the shortest possible time.

Process Development / Improvement

The highly competitive atmosphere of the marketplace forces businesses to bring innovation to the forefront and rapidly develop improved products or processes at reduced costs. Our team of researchers at Synthesis with Catalysts Pvt Ltd can partner with our customers to optimize processes keeping an eye on commercial viability, process safety, and environmental issues.

Consultancy Services

We provide technical consultancy to our customers for process improvement and new product development in the following areas:

  • Input to Discovery
  • Synthesis Methodology
  • Process Development and Improvement
  • Process Safety
  • Problem-solving and trouble shooting

Questions on chemistry, product or process development ? We can help!

Any process, any industry. Please call us with your questions and we will help you solve your problems.